Photo of Ben Gillies

As a Software Engineer currently working for Digital Science in London, I'm passionate about keeping the web open and accessible and, over a number of years, have developed a carefully honed aversion to complexity.

At present I work on a large data visualisation app, spending most of my time in the browser with d3.js, Ember.js and CoffeeScript. When not there I'm likely working on our data pipeline in Clojure and Python, tweaking our simple Rails based API, or experimenting with Android (though only just).

Having worked on rich JavaScript applications for the web for several years now, in addition to the above, I both use and enjoy working on projects involving Cascalog, RESTful things involving hyperlinks, Backbone, node.js, Ruby, and web security.

In my spare time away from computers and the internet, I enjoy climbing/mountaineering, preferably climbing in Scotland in the winter or in the Alps in the summer, though I'll generally take what I can get, as I don't tend get out often enough.

If you'd like to get in contact with me, then you can find me in any of the places at the bottom of the page.