Photo of Ben Gillies

As an independent software engineer in London, I'm passionate about keeping the web open and accessible and, over a number of years, have developed a carefully honed aversion to complexity.

I founded Gillies Consulting Ltd in 2014, and focus on solving difficult business problems through building products taking them from idea to deployment. Working with client teams, I ensure that the client can take control of the product successfully and maintain the new development practices often put in place.

Over the past few years I've built several data heavy applications using Ember, D3, Angular and React in the front end, along with Node, Clojure and Ruby on Rails on the server.

Having worked on rich JavaScript applications for the web for several years now, I enjoy working on and building projects with, RESTful APIs, data pipelines, visualisations, and collaboration systems and believe strongly in hyperlinks and proper urls as the basis for any good web application.

In my spare time away from computers and the internet, I enjoy climbing/mountaineering, preferably climbing in Scotland in the winter or in the Alps in the summer, though I'll generally take what I can get, as I don't tend get out often enough.

If you'd like to get in contact with me, then you can find me in any of the places at the bottom of the page.